about us


The activities of CEKOM SPIN are primarily focused on the development of new and innovative solid wood products combined with other materials, using new concepts of interdisciplinary networking of specialist knowledge and experience of highly educated participants, as well as appropriate infrastructure and equip-ment.The values we represent are aimed at improving the quality of life and ensuring sustainable develop-ment, both for the individual user and for the community as a whole.


CEKOM SPIN will be a central place for the research and development of innovative and competitive prod-ucts and services in the field of solid wood furniture industry in Croatia through the synergy of knowledge and experience in the field of economy, cultural and creative industries and academia.Through its activities, it will continuously raise the competitiveness of Croatian products on the global market, thus improving the sustainable development of the local and regional community, and will serve as an example of a modern, self-sustainable and technologically advanced research and development centre.